Demo Reel Breakdown
Responsible for all Animation
Rigs provided by Animation Mentor
From planning to the spline passes - 10 Weeks of Class
Polished (here and there) - 4 Weeks of Class
Animated in Maya 2020.4
Planning/Blocking/Spline Mentored by Jeremy Lazare
Polish Mentored by Jean-Denis Haas
Responsible for all animation
Silver Cyborg Rig provided by Troung CG Artist
Clone Trooper Rig provided by Mattias Kirsten
Blocking through Polish - 9 Weeks of Class
Animated in Maya 2020.4
Mentored by Jean-Denis Haas
Dog Walk
Responsible for all animation
Rig provided by Animation Mentor
Blocking/Spline - 2 Weeks of Class
Polish - 3 Hours
Animated in Maya 2018, Later polished in Maya 2020.4
Motion Capture Data provided by Rokoko's Motion Library
Responsible for moving MoCap Data to Rig and all Polish
Rig Provided by Mark Peart
Polish Passes - About 2 Days
Animated in Maya 2020.4, Mapped MoCap to Custom Rig using HumanIK
Mentored by Jean-Denis Haas

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